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Tennants Food Ingredients is a division of Charles Tennant & Co Ltd which has a proud heritage dating back more than 200 years. Based in central London we have been supply partners to many major food manufacturers and biotech companies in the UK for more than 40 years.


Today’s market place is ever more complex and competitive so business success is increasingly challenging to achieve. Applying our expertise in sourcing and supplying natural, clean label food ingredients, flavours and fermentation nutrients we have a proven track record in helping our customers be more successful.

Our products are successfully used in a wide range of food applications such as meats, plant based meat alternatives, ready meals, soups, sauces, snacks & beverages and in life-science and pharma applications such as biopharma and diagnostics.

Working closely with established and reputable manufacturing partners around the world we invest in the logistics required to give our customers a supply chain they can rely on and products that can be trusted for their safety and quality.

We are committed to developing and sustaining long term trusting relationships with each of our customers through close personal contact and the generation of genuine and sustainable added value.

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